Lego FTW

Without a doubt 3D printing has serious potential to spur innovations. However, for the moment it’s too expensive and complex – just imagine the 3D CAD learning curve. For a lot of non-complex ideas you can actually use Lego┬« to create a lot of useful things. It’s cheap, easy to use and you can go to the next toy store RIGHT NOW and get a starter kit. Here are some clever ideas I came across:

A Software Developer by the name of Michael Hunger even uses LEGO┬« to track his time. And it’s easy to come up with other useful ideas (I’m sure most of these have been built already)

  • CD/DVD/Vynil/Book rack or showcase
  • Notebook cooling stand
  • PC Case
  • Guitar stand
  • Guitar effects board
  • pen holder
  • picture frames
  • Gamepad holder (or any other gadget)
  • vase

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