STICS: Improved web search backed by knowledge database

STICS is an interesting Internet search developed by the Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics. It is drawing information from knowledge database YAGO2 to refine and enrich your search experience. YAGO2 has been compiled from websites like Wikipedia to enable programs to discern different entities (i.e. persons, cities, countries, soccer teams, …) and how these are related to one another (i.e. a person is born on a specific date in a specific city).

Additionally, it is aware of categories of entities. For example, Angela Merkel belongs to the categories German physical chemists as well as German politicians. Through this knowledge the search engine is also aware of synonyms like “Chancellor of Germany” for Angela Merkel.


Use serial port as regular user in Ubuntu

By default a regular user does not have permission to use the serial port. In my case I wanted to use two USB-to-serial adapters:

By looking at output you can see that the owning group is dialout. So it is a matter of adding your user to that group (and logout/login as with every user rights change). The bash environment variable $USER contains your username.

Found on the Ubuntu help pages.

Identical acronyms with different meaning

Neat 🙂 LaTeX is really solid. There’s a solution for every problem…

Found this post by user cgnieder.