Useful Bluetooth Low Energy Android Apps (for free)

I just stumbled across a few useful android apps for BLE development. My curiosity was sparked by github user tomkubitza who wrote that there’s a useful BLE android app by Nordic Semiconductor. They actually have a set of apps/demos which look well-done. It’s nice to see they take those apps seriously – after all WPAN chips are their bread and butter 🙂

For now this is just a list for reference. I might come back and add infos after giving some of the apps a go.

Nordic Semiconductor

BLE scanners/detectors

Texas Instruments SensorTag related

HikiPlayer – A Lighweight Android Music Player

I finally found a great lightweight folder-based (not a library player like iTunes and such) music player for my Android phone. The phone is not the newest so I was looking for something lean.

HikiPlayer is a mere 162kB download but is customizable and can scrobble your songs on On top of that it’s free, doesn’t have ads, displays album covers and can also fetch them from the web. Video playback, lyrics …